March 5, 2011

Georgia hero Matt Ramsey : Mexican government “incredibly arrogant and audacious…deeply hypocritical”

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Georgia Rep Matt Ramsey gives it to the arrogant Mexican Consul General:

“I find it incredibly arrogant and audacious that the Mexican government would inject itself into the Georgia Legislature’s debate on this pressing state issue,” Ramsey said in a statement he issued in response Friday evening. “Their time would be better spent identifying ways to reform the extraordinary levels of corruption in Mexican government and society and improve their nation’s deplorable economy.

“The root cause of illegal immigration from Mexico is the failure of the Mexican government to provide its people economic opportunity or even basic public safety such that millions of its citizens are so desperate that they are willing to break the law to enter the United States in search of a better life.

“I also find it deeply hypocritical that the Mexican government, which has such repressive immigration policies of its own, would criticize our effort to enforce America’s comparatively liberal immigration laws, which are the most welcoming to immigrants in the world.”