December 4, 2009

From Arizona: High court says no problemo to state law requiring that Public Benefits go to eligible people ( NOT to illegal aliens)

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High court won’t hear suit challenging new immigration law

By Christian Palmer –

December 3, 2009 a

The Arizona Supreme Court announced on Dec. 2 it will not hear a lawsuit filed by local governments that sought to challenge legislation affecting land development and public benefits for immigrants.

The petition for special action filed with the court on Nov. 23 by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns charged that the provisions in question were unconstitutionally included in a state budget bill.

League of Arizona Cities and Towns Executive Director Ken Strobeck said the court’s refusal to hear the case was unexpected and that it is not known if the League would contest the budget provisions by filing a lawsuit with the Maricopa County Superior Court.

“We we’re very surprised by it, and we felt like it was a very solid case on the merits,” he said.

One provision requires public employees to verify the legal status of people before they can receive public benefits. Under the provision, failure to check applicants’ legal residency status can result in misdemeanor charges being filed against offending employees. State citizens also can now sue if they believe a governmental entity is not properly verifying applicants’ citizenship…