July 12, 2009

Success! Americans saving America: 287 (g) approved in Gwinnett County Georgia VIDEO INCLUDED

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Victory in Georgia. Largest Georgia county to date will use 287 (g) authority. Open borders lobby irate

Dustin Inman Society enforcement project continues

More than two years ago, the Dustin Inman Society announced that one of our primary goals and efforts would be doing all we can to gain implementation of the federal 287 (g) program in as many Georgia counties as possible.

Including rallies, private meetings, writing newspaper columns and letters, and addressing County Commissions, we have worked long and hard to educate the media, the public and elected officials on the concept and benefits of using federally trained local law enforcement to help multiply the effect of the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

We have proven that Americans who are willing to engage and get involved can make a difference their own communities.

Our message was – and is – quite simple: In the fight against the organized crime of illegal immigration, enforcement works.

On Friday, July 10, 2009, Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway and the United States Department of Homeland Security announced approval of 287 (g) use in Gwinnett. The Memorandum of Understanding between Sheriff Conway’s office and DHS will be singed very soon.

We congratulate Sheriff Conway and express our deepest gratitude for the efforts of everyone involved in the process of 287 (g) implementation in Gwinnett. A county that suffers one of the largest populations of illegal aliens in Georgia. It is the largest Georgia county to receive 287 (g) authority.

As a group of Americans of all descriptions pursuing the full and equal application of American immigration law, we could not be more proud of our role in encouraging the expansion of immigration enforcement in Gwinnett.

Other Georgia counties using 287 (g) authority to protect and serve Americans and the rule of law are Cobb, Hall and Whitfield. There are several more with pending applications.

Without any surprise, we note the relentless, race-baiting and well-funded opposition to use of the 1996 federal law allowing 287 (g) enforcement from far left fringe groups such as the Georgia Association of Elected Officials (GALEO), the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and the ACLU organized Georgia Detention Watch.

The hateful anti-enforcement activities of these subversive groups constantly serves to assure us that 287 (g) is a super effective tool to remove illegals charged with additional crimes and a deterrent to other illegals remaining in communities where it is used.

Earlier this year Federal immigration officials flagged for deportation 915 foreign-born inmates at the Gwinnett County jail in just 26 days.

Of the inmates identified as being in the country illegally, 489 had a previous criminal history.

Those in opposition to use of 287 (g) endlessly claim that this enforcement effort is somehow making the community ‘less safe”. Like the huge majority of Americans, we disagree.

Below is a partial list of the charges against some of the illegal aliens captured in the 26 day Gwinnett operation in January: Inmates flagged for deportation were charged with the following offenses:

Murder 13
Armed robbery 28
Kidnapping 11
Felony drug offense 154
DUI 48
No driver’s license 226
Other felony 45
Misdemeanor probation violation 55
Felony probation violation 42
Rape 15
Child molestation 23
Aggravated assault 38
Family violence battery 12
Misdemeanor theft 30
Burglary 17
Hit and run 6
Homicide by vehicle 1

Source: Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department as reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

We also note that no one is deported for “minor crimes”. The sole reason for deportation is violation of American immigration laws.

The mindless race-baiting argument against use of the 287 (g) tool is brilliantly outlined on a recent local TV news VIDEO report on Gwinnett’s success by Tracy Blagec, a local anti-enforcement radical. VIDEO HERE

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TV STATION IS ASKING FOR COMMENTS. If you have a short polite comment please send it to news@cbsAtlanta.com .

We do not agree that illegal aliens are “average, everyday people.”

The Dustin Inman Society will now adjust our focus to other Georgia counties to do what we can to implement the 1996 287 (g) program. Stay tuned.

All help welcomed.

D.A. King, president
The Dustin Inman Society
Marietta, Georgia.