February 19, 2007

Lou Dobbs video…..borderless continent…send to your Congressman PLEASE

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YouTube video of Lou Dobbs show explaining Bush integration of North American continent. Here.

I beg you to send this to both of our Senators and your congressman with a request that they take a position on the borderless continent.

NOTE! Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson has already taken a position ( below ), he should be thanked!

From Senator Isakson last week:

“The United States for over 220 years has enjoyed the freedoms and responsibilities of an independent nation. We have served as a beacon to the world of the glories of a democratic republic. To allow our country to participate in a rumored ‘North American Union’ would take away our sovereignty and place an undue burden on the citizens of America.

“It would be a terrible mistake for the U.S. government to engage in any proposal that would diminish our independence or lessen our strength. I wholeheartedly oppose any such effort.”