October 19, 2006


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2004 CNN PRESENTS ONE-HOUR DOCUMENTARY TO RE-AIR THIS WEEK END.Subject: illegal immigration – focused on Georgia – USA

Saturday and Sunday nights [ NOTE : Sunday October 22 – CNN did not run tonight..no clue why]…. 8:00 PM Eastern. [Please click on hyperlinks below for more information.]

Shortly after I quit my business in 2003 [see here ] to devote my time to fighting illegal immigration and our virtually open borders, CNN PRESENTS approached me – and others [Thank you Jimmy Hercheck!] – about participating in a one-hour documentary on the crisis. While I had some serious, and vocal, concerns about the network’s choice of correspondents , I chose to be interviewed and taped for CNN’s production.

So did Mr. John Dillard who operates the Dillard House restaurant in Dillard, Georgia. Dillard admits, actually boasts, in the CNN show that he hires illegals. He has not been punished yet for being in violation of federal law.

The phone number for Atlanta ICE is 404 331- 2762 Ext. 5346.

Taping began in May, 2004, and was completed in the fall of 2004.

The tile was “Immigrant Nation, Divided Country”. The original airing was in October of 2004, and it has re-aired many times since then. It has not been updated to my knowledge.

Much has changed in America since 2004. A recent [this week] report from the U.S. House Committee for Homeland Secuity/Subcommittee on Investigations focused on our Southwest borders shows that American law enforcement reports that in 2005, U.S. Border Patrol apprehended 1.2 million illegal aliens attempting to cross our intentionally un-secured borders. Further, the estimate is that about 10-30% of the illegal crossers are arrested.

To save you some time on the math, the report from the U.S. House subcommittee says that “as many as 4-10 million illegal aliens crossed into the U.S. in 2005”.

This spring, we watched as millions of illegals marched fearlessly in the streets of our nation in a demand for “legalization and the right to vote”…led by more than a few American elected officials.

650 of the apprehended illegal border crossers are what are known as “Special Interest Aliens” [ SIAs]…or those from countries with known terrorist ties.

Remember that 10-30% figure on apprehensions. War on terror indeed.

The report states clearly that “Members of Hezbollah have already entered the United States across the Southwest border”.

As much as 11.2 million pounds of cocaine entered the U.S. Mexican drug cartels have assumed control of much of our borders and have enlisted gangs in the interior of the Founders republic as “enforcers”.

I hope that you will read the report for yourselves.

The CNN PRESENTS documentary will re air this week-end on two nights Saturday, October 21 and Sunday October 22, at 8:00 PM with repeats early AM…I am told it will also re-air next Saturday, October 28, 2006.

I hope that you can find time to watch. I have already heard the “you have a face for radio” comment several times.

Here is a link to the CNN PRESENTS site for further info.

Here is a way to contact CNN PRESENTS with your comments. I hope that you have some and will share them with CNN.

There is a reason our government refuses to secure our borders. Follow the money.

We hope that a future documentary, by any network, will examine the unavoidable facts that clearly illustrate that reason.