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Borderless Continent now getting wide coverage

We are very relieved that many others are now recognizing the existence – and the danger to our nation and our way of life it represents – of the Security and Prosperity Partnership [SPP]. [1]

We recommend that you read and understand the Council on Foreign Relations report [2]from last March.

The fact that President Bush is plotting to erase our borders is finally getting the attention that it warrants. Next, maybe even the mainstream media will acknowledge the true goal of our intentionally un-secured borders and un-enforced laws.

We point to D.A. King’s 2005 warnings on Bush’s on-going effort to create a borderless continent with the free flow of goods and people here in this blog as well as here [3], here [4] and [ now updated with current articles] here. [5]

As the CFR [6]the U.S. Senate and the president [7] have made clear, their intention is to eliminate illegal immigration by eliminating our borders.

No gracias.