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Juan Mann’s Frequently Asked Questions About Immigration and the Law

We thank VDARE.com [1] and Juan Mann [2]for answers to frequently asked questions about “justice” and illegal aliens.

From VDARE.com:

Thanks to the efforts of immigrationist advocacy groups, the immigrationist press, and immigrationist politicians, it’s difficult to get a straight answer on what the law is. We’ve seen Bush administration officials claim that Section 245(i) was not an amnesty for illegals. (It was.) Police officers claiming that “Illegal immigration is not a crime. It is. The English language is twisted in outrageous ways to serve the cause of immigration, as when President Bush called illegals “hardworking citizens who are willing to walk 400 miles of desert in blistering heat to find work.” They’re not citizens. This FAQ will provide our readers with ammunition if they are writing about or debating the immigration crisis in America.]

What is an alien?
What’s the difference between legal and illegal aliens?
What’s a green card?
What’s an LPR?
Can legal or illegal aliens be deported?
How can someone REPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS or criminal alien residents to the federal government?
En Espanol — Cómo denunciar ilegales
What’s the difference between an immigrant and a non-immigrant?
Would a U.S. citizen ID card help fight illegal immigration?
What is amnesty?
Who were the beneficiaries of the 1986 amnesty?
The federal government has stopped giving amnesty to illegal aliens, right?
How does the federal government deport aliens?
How can the EOIR be abolished?
How can the BIA be abolished?
What do the immigration judges do?
How do aliens avoid being deported in Immigration Court?
Who else could do all the work if the EOIR and the Immigration Court system is abolished?
What if someone gets deported that wasn’t supposed to be deported?
What is an immigration bond?
Why is detention, detention, detention so important?
Where can I learn more about the immigration process?

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